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How Our Stations Work

The Santa Cruz BCycle system is a dock-based bike share system. Our 3.0 docks are installed in groups of 4 to 24 as a station. The docks allow users to check out our electric bikes using the BCycle app or a membership card.

These stations require minimal power to operate because there is no kiosk and the docks enter a sleep mode when not in use. As needed, the docks at the stations wake quickly to process new bike checkouts and returns for BCycle riders. 

Press button to wake the dock

Light will turn blue once the dock is awake.


If using the app, select the dock # you would like to unlock

Click “unlock” and your checkout will begin processing.

This can take up to 15 seconds, depending on your connection speed.


If using a RFID card, hold your card over the reader

You will hear a beep, signaling that your card has been read.

The light will pulse blue as the dock connects to the server.



The best part of your day begins when...

You see the green light and hear the dock beep, signaling your bike is unlocked.

Enjoy your ride, and return to a station when you are done!



What do the lights indicate?

blueBLUE SOLID: Dock is ready for checkout.
 bluepulseBLUE PULSING: Attempting to checkout the bike.
 greenGREEN FLASHING: The bike has been successfully checked out. It also blinks & beeps 3x to confirm when a bike has been successfully returned.
 redpulseRED FLASHING: There may be an issue with your account, such as an expired pass or that your last bike is still registered as checked out. Contact Customer Service for assistance.
 redRED SOLID: Indicates the bike is not presently available for checkout, generally due to a maintenance need.
 purplePURPLE SOLID: Firmware update in progress.

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